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30 September 2012
F2 O&M Newsletter - Volume 1 , Issue 3

Welcome to the latest edition of the F2 newsletter!

Another extremely busy quarter, finishing on a very positive note with the successful completion of the Contract Year 2 Net Dependable Capacity Test on the 19th and 20th September 2012 – well done and a big thanks to all!! 

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29 March 2012
F2 O&M Newsletter - Volume 1 , Issue 1

Welcome to the first F2 O&M Company newsletter of 2012!

It's been a busy start to the year; annual outages on the Power and Water plant have been completed and we continue to be involved in the management of the warranty defect work. What is particular pleasing is that we have completed the annual outage season without incurring a Lost Time Accident and have had very few First Aid Injuries (the months of January and February were completely incident free). 

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08 December 2011
F2 O&M Newsletter - Issue 2.

Since the last F2 O&M newsletter we have been through a very busy and challenging period.......where do I start??

We have had a number of serious technical issues to deal with over the last few months and in spite of this,  we have still managed to achieve excellent levels of plant availability; this is a testimony to the time,  effort and commitment that has been put in by all employ‐ees. Particularly pleasing was the performance in the September Net Dependable Capacity Test during which we comfortably exceeded the required capaci‐ties for both Power and Water, an achievement that was recognised by the F2 O & M Board, who passed on their gratitude to all staff for their efforts in achieving this ......Well Done! We are currently well into the winter outage programme and again the commitment being shown is commendable, with individuals putting themselves out again and again. 

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29 June 2011
F2 O&M Newsletter – Volume 1 - Issue 1 .
Welcome to the first F2 O&M Company newsletter – I hope that you find the content interesting and useful; any suggestions for improvement will be most welcome.

The first 6 months of 2011 have proven to be very challenging for all F2 O&M Company employees and our contractors. Trying to ensure good availability whilst dealing with commissioning, outages, warranty and plant technical issues has proven to be a real challenge – I can assure you all that things will get easier!! The time, effort and commitment that I’m seeing, from the whole team, is most commendable and very much appreciated by the plant management.

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