Fujairah Asia Power Company

Fujairah Asia Power Company PJSC (FAPCO) was established on 23rd October 2007 as a Private Joint Stock Company within the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Sixty percent (60%) of the equity in the Company is held by the Fujairah Water and Electricity Company (FWEC: a wholly owned subsidiary of ADWEA by TAQA), with the remaining forty percent (40%) held by Fujairah F2 CV (F2CV) a Limited Partnership Company – in turn owned on a 50:50 basis by offshore subsidiaries of Engie and Marubeni Corporation (MC).

A Shareholder’s Agreement between F2CV and FWEC governs the relationship between the shareholders, and provides the corporate structure for the management and operation of the affairs of the Company.

F2CV signed a 20 year Power and Water Purchase Agreement (PWPA) with ADWEA on 19th July 2007, along with other supporting documents. These documents were later “novated” to FAPCO and form the corporate as well as financing structure for development of a “green field” 2000 MW and 130 MIGD power and desalination facility (Fujairah F2 Plant) at a pre-selected site at Qidfa in the Emirate of Fujairah , approximately 280 kms. east of the City of Abu Dhabi.

Plant Description

The Fujairah F2 Plant is a greenfield combined cycle, cogeneration power and seawater desalination plant with 2,000 MW of net power capacity and 130 MIGD of net water capacity. It is located at Al-Qidfa in the Emirate of Fujairah on the Gulf of Oman approximately five (5) kilometres south of Khor Fakkan, twenty (20) kilometres north of the city of Fujairah, and approximately 280 kms kilometres north east of the city of Abu Dhabi in the UAE.

The F2 Plant achieved the plant commercial operation date (PCOD) on the 06th January 2011. The plant is configured in three defined ‘Groups’. Group 1 and 3 are based on a configuration of two GE GT26B gas turbines, with supplementary fired HRSGs and a condensing steam turbine with LP steam extraction to four Sidem 8.5 MIGD MED units. Group 2 is based on a configuration of one GE GT26B gas turbine, with a supplementary fired HRSG and a back pressure steam turbine producing LP steam for four Sidem 8.5 MIGD MED units. In addition, Group 2 includes a 30 MIGD SWRO facility.

The Fujairah F2 plant is owned by the Fujairah Asia Power Company PJSC (FAPCO) in which Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA) holding a 60% equity interest with Marubeni and Engie each holding 20%. The Fujairah F2 plant is operated by the Fujairah F2 O & M Company Limited (F2O&MCO), which is a 50:50 joint venture between Engie and Marubeni.


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