Fujairah F2 Plant is a leading Power and Potable water producer for the population of United Arab Emirates. Since January 2011, Fujairah F2 Plant had been one of the reliable suppliers of Power and Water needs of the UAE Population supporting the Emirates National Grid (ENG) and the wide water distribution network managed by TRANSCO.

Fujairah F2 Plant has a twenty years Power and Water purchase agreement signed with its procurer Emirates Water and Electricity Company (EWEC).Natural Gas which is one of the key raw material for the Fujairah F2 Plant is supplied by EWEC through Dolphin Energy, as a cost pass through arrangement the efficient utilization of this natural resource is ensured through a monitoring system called the Fuel demand model.

The Sea water for the F2 Power and Desalination plant is tapped from the dedicated Sea water piping 600m off shore in to the Gulf of Oman and is further filtered before being used in to the process. The F2 Plant is supported by number of Chemicals and other raw materials suppliers within and outside the region for its all its process needs. The Gas Turbines GE GT-26 B machines are maintained by Ansaldo Energia SPA as part of their Long term service agreement with F2 plant.

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