F2 Plant is a combined cycle cogeneration plant built with the state of art technology in the power and desalination systems. The gas turbines are of GE GT26B-2006 version with the unique sequential combustion technology with EV and SEV Combustors. They were originally designed and installed by Alstom which later on merged with General Electric. The presence of two combustion chambers gives the machine more flexibility and the plant can produce 10% power and 100% water in one of its operating modes that supports its customers to meet the water demand during the winter period when the power demand is low. The gas turbines have dual fuel capability and can operate on natural gas and diesel oil.F2 gas turbines can operate only on combined cycle mode as there is no Bypass stack arrangement.GT-26 gas turbines have very low NOX and CO emissions and can deliver a very high fuel efficiency in combined cycle mode. They are very reliable machines with a high startup reliability which gives them an advantage to operate both as a base load plant or to be dispatched for daily cycling.

The heat recovery steam generators are original Alstom designed as horizontal, single pressure and natural circulation units with supplementary firing capabilities. They have very high efficiency operating at very low stack temperatures and the burners in supplementary firing are of low NOX design. This makes the F2 plant an environmental friendly plant called with a nick name as the Jewel of the Desert.

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