Declaration of Interest

We ask our employees to give the highest possible standard of service to the Company, where it is part of their duties, to provide appropriate advice to management and other employees with impartiality. To avoid any problem of conflict of interest (actual or perceived) in executing your duties, we ask them declare to the H.R. Manager, a Declaration of Interest form for:

  • 1. any of the situations explained below and
  • 2. or confirm on the form that it is not applicable.


We define our contractors as any contractor, including their agents and/or sub-contractor, supplier or consultant and the self-employed that work under a contract to perform any work or service for the Company.

we ask all our staff to declare all relationships, with contractors, of a business or private nature, as soon as they are aware of the relationship. We ensure that orders and contracts must be awarded on merit, by fair competition against other tenders, and that no special favour should be shown in the tendering process to businesses run by, for example, friends, partners or relatives.

We ensure as well that no part of the local community discriminated against. We ask our staff If they are responsible for engaging or supervising contractors, and have previously had or currently have a relationship in a private or domestic capacity with them to declare that relationship at the earliest opportunity.

Working with us at FAPCO

At F2 power plant, we ensure that interviews or appointments are made on the basis of merit and most importantly, in accordance with the Company’s recruitment and selection procedure.

We also think of which candidate would best serve the Company. A candidate’s nationality, race, colour or religion in no way influence our decision either positively or negatively

Outside Commitments and Activities

In our line of business, we ensure that our staff devote the whole of their contracted working hours to the duties of their jobs

Declaration of Interest

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